I am a self-taught photographer based out of the Philadelphia area. I was introduced to photography as young boy when my family and I went on trips all around the country. My mother took pictures wherever we went and decided to buy me my first film camera. From then on, I was hooked. 

My series The Urban Movement showcases the talent of various performing artists from different backgrounds in an urban environment. I liken it to putting the beauty in the belly of the beast. My goal for the series is to publish a book so the world can see what these beautifully talented people are capable of doing.

I am passionate about photography and had the honor of being published several times for my efforts. When I am not shooting for one of my clients, I am photographing for myself. I am documenting the lives of people in their element, but with a creative spin. I am taking unexpected moments during their day, that would be otherwise ordinary, and composing it in a way that looks unique and memorable. I love to tell the stories of people because I believe everyone's story should be told. 

BRANDS: Airbnb, Fatherly, Woodgrain, Original Grain


Bevie Magazine (Calendar 2018)
Photograph published Month of June (Print) 

Bevie Magazine
Photographs published (Online) 

The Phoblographer
Interview and Photographs featured (Online) 

AirBnb & Fatherly
Photographs published and featured (Online)

Creative Boom
Photographs published and featured (Online)

Monopix Magazine July 2016 issue
Photographs published (Print & Online) 

Broken Light Collective
Photographs published and featured (Online)

Dodho Online Magazine
Article and Photographs published  (Online)

Camerapixo Magazine
Photographs published  (Print & Online)

Street Photography Magazine
Photographs published  (Online)

Art People Gallery
Photographs published and Featured  (Online)

Private Magazine
Photographs published and Featured  (Online)

Cross Connect Magazine
Photographs published  (Online)


Chromatic Awards 
Honorable Mention 2017

Monochrome Awards 
Honorable Mention 2016

Tokyo Foto Awards 
Honorable Mention 2016

ND Awards  
Honorable Mention 2016

Travel from a unique perspective: 4th Expert  Choice

GoPix Exposée 
Finalist 2016

Moscow Foto Awards
Honorable Mention 2016

International Photographer of the Year
Honorable Mention 2015

4th Zebra Awards 
Finialis 2015

The Motif Collective 
Theme Street Photography February Shortlist 2015

Monochrome Awards 
Honorable Mention 2015

Editor’s Choice

Fifth Annual Exposure Awards
Letter of Recognition - Digital Display at The Louvre in Paris, France, July 2015

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